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Boared To Death Records Hosts Fundraiser to Help Stop Cop City

Boared To Death Records, an independent punk label rooted in Raleigh, North Carolina, is spearheading a live punk show in support of the Stop Cop City movement. Their commitment lies in merging the potency of music with activism, aiming to mobilize artists, locals, and advocates toward a significant cause. Alongside the upcoming live event, the label recently unveiled a digital compilation, exclusive merch, and initiated an online donation drive as integral parts of their fundraising endeavors.

Scheduled for December 1st, 2023, the icon punk and metal venue, Local 506 in Chapel Hill, calls upon the punk community to join the Stop Cop City Protest Support Show. The event aims to gather charitable contributions aiding Atlanta protestors with essential resources such as jail support, bail assistance, and access to legal representation. The concert will showcase three local Triangle punk bands—Distortions, Oort Patrol, and Worthington’s Law. A GoFundMe campaign accompanies the event to encourage support worldwide.

Dan Mitre, Founder and Label Manager of Boared To Death Records, expressed alignment between the Stop Cop City movement and the label's core mission. "Our protest support show resonates with our commitment to leveraging music and art for constructive change. It's about amplifying voices and fostering solidarity within our community to advocate for transparency and responsible resource allocation," stated Mitre.

All proceeds stemming from live show attendance, merchandise sales, and online donations will directly benefit the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, a non-profit entity dedicated to supporting Stop Cop City initiatives.

To delve deeper into Boared To Death Records’ Stop Cop City Protest Support Show, interested individuals can visit:

To learn more about the movement, visit:

To explore the compilation featuring notable artists such as Austin Lucas, Distortions, Oort Patrol, Night! Night!, Worthington's Law, The Sandwich Shoppe, Severed Fingers, IDLEMINDS, and This Is A Train Wreck, click here:


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