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Why go to local shows?

Catchy title huh? Now that I have your attention, here's just one of a bunch of reasons why you should hit up local shows.

Flag on Fire recently played Jack Rabbit's here in Jacksonville, where lead vocalist and enigmatic frontman Bo Dillard proudly announced that the nights set would mostly consist of new material! Why you ask? Because FoF are HITTING THE STUDIO FOR A BRAND NEW ALBUM!

I'm told that time has already been booked at JAX's very own My Platinum Sound Studios.

If the evenings set is any indication the next album will more than be a worthy follow up to 2017's Practically the Best You've Ever Been.

Great things are worth the wait! Finding out at the show that you're seeing a full on live performance of completely new material and that a new record by a favorite band is in the works is priceless!

Jacksonville is home to amazingly talented bands and I can't wait to share more as I get out and about. I encourage you to do the same, wherever you are. Show love to those local bands and support your scene any chance you get.

Big Love, D


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