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Band Spotlight: Hey Radio

With New Singles and Exciting Plans for 2024, Wichita’s Hey Radio Gears Up for a Thrilling Year!

Hey Radio, a band from Wichita, Kansas, is gaining attention with their mix of heavy punk riffs and catchy hooks. Known for their fun and energetic shows, the band recently performed with Alien Ant Farm and is set to play at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas, on Thursday, June 13.

In 2024, Hey Radio released two new singles, "Cool Kids Table" and "Tuesdays are the Worst." They've had some recent changes in their lineup and have big plans for the rest of the year.

The band's story began as a fun side project from a metal band that members Adam and Ian were part of. They started as a parody punk band for laughs but found it easier to get gigs as a punk band rather than a metal one. This shift led them to fully embrace the punk genre. The name "Hey Radio" comes from their playful wish for radio stations to play their songs.

Currently, Hey Radio is working on creating new music for the second half of the year, playing some rad shows, and is constantly cranking out cool new merch.

Follow them on social media and check out their current merch inventory by using the Linktree link below!


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