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Moonraker and Neckscars to Release New Split!

Moonraker/Neckscars is out 10/20/23

Two remarkable bands, Moonraker and Neckscars, have united to create a dynamic collaboration that goes beyond conventional norms. Hailing from Los Angeles, Moonraker consists of David Green (Drums/Vox), Nick Schambra (Vox/Bass), and Matt Sampson (Guitar). Since their formation, these musicians have been on an incredible journey, touring extensively across the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the UK. Moonraker's music resonates deeply with individuals seeking a sense of connection and understanding.

Watch "Fireman" by Moonraker here

On the flip side, Neckscars, formed in Downstate New York in late 2018, features Will Romeo (Vox/Guitar), Justin Parish (Guitar/Vox), Colin Harte (Bass/Vox), and Lawrence Miller (Drums). These talented musicians have spent the past two decades honing their craft in the DIY scene. When they joined forces, they created a classic sound that pays homage to their influences without relying too heavily on nostalgia or standard formulas. 

"Level II: Insufferable" by Neckscars

The story behind this unique split between Moonraker and Neckscars is one of enduring friendship. It traces back to 2015 when the two bands, then known as The Game Day Regulars, shared a hotel room during the Death to False Hope Fest in Durham, North Carolina. Moonraker's debut record, 'Fail Better,' released in 2016, saw its inception while David and Nick from Moonraker were crashing on the couch at Will and Justin's apartment in Beacon, New York. For Moonraker, this split release marks their first new music since the critically acclaimed 'The Forest,' released the previous year. On the other side, Neckscars' contribution to the split serves as a bridge between their stellar debut album, 'Don't Panic' (2021), and their highly anticipated sophomore LP.

The six tracks on this split release offer a rollercoaster of emotions, from regret to triumph, with a recurring theme of drinking, paranoia, isolation, drugs, friendship, and, of course, more drinking. These two bands from opposite coasts will come together for a live performance at Vecinos in Gainesville, Florida, on Saturday, October 28th, as part of The Fest. Additionally, they will be hosting a pre-Fest show at Cage Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida, on October 26th, followed by a series of East Coast dates in November.

'Moonraker/Neckscars' is set to hit the music scene on October 20th, available on both vinyl and for digital streaming. The release is a collaborative effort between Bypolar Records, Sell the Heart Records, and Engineer Records. With their fiery energy and deeply personal lyrics, Moonraker and Neckscars promise an electrifying musical experience that resonates with music enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Preorder the split here:

(Colored vinyl variants and bundles available in the US store only)




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