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Midweek Music Spotlight: Unveiling K.C.U.F.'s Latest Masterpiece: "100 Poses" Album Release

In the heart of Massachusetts' vibrant music scene, the punk/emo/alternative band K.C.U.F. has been making waves since their formation in 2017. Comprising lifelong friends Ken Bousquet and Chris Jackson, along with Aria Rad and Mike Barone, K.C.U.F. has taken their unique sound to the streets of Boston, the canals of Lowell, and beyond. With a rich history and a fresh musical vision, the band's latest album, "100 Poses," is set to redefine their place in the music community.

Band Origins and Evolution:

Following the dissolution of their previous band, Ken Bousquet and Chris Jackson embarked on a new musical journey in 2017, founding K.C.U.F. - Ken and Chris's Undecided Franchise. The addition of Aria Rad's growling bass lines and Mike Barone's celestial harmonies further enriched their sound, resulting in a compelling blend of punk, emo, and alternative influences.

Debut Album and Recognition:

K.C.U.F. quickly caught the attention of New England's music scene with the release of their debut album, "Millennial Murder Spree," in 2019. The following year brought even more recognition, as their 2020 release, "Everyday Is Winter Here," solidified their place in the region's music history.

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"100 Poses": A Musical Odyssey:

August 11th, 2023, marked the release of K.C.U.F.'s highly anticipated album, "100 Poses." Recorded at Chillhouse studios in Charlestown under the expertise of Will Holland, the album showcases a diverse range of musical styles, all rooted in the band's punk foundation. From heart-pounding rhythms to soulful melodies, "100 Poses" promises listeners an engaging and eclectic sonic journey.

The Album's Essence:

The album's title, "100 Poses," draws inspiration from the song "Love Your Lies, Pt.2." This phrase captures the essence of the album, reflecting on the societal pressures to conform and the continuous struggle to find one's authentic path. K.C.U.F. urges listeners to embrace their uniqueness, encouraging them to step away from prescribed norms and instead venture down their own, sometimes unconventional, path.

Limited Edition Blue Vinyl and Digital Release:

For fans seeking a tactile experience, "100 Poses" is available on limited edition blue vinyl through the band's Bandcamp page. The album can also be streamed across various digital platforms, ensuring that K.C.U.F.'s innovative sound reaches a wide audience.

Connect with K.C.U.F.:

Stay updated on K.C.U.F.'s upcoming performances by following them on Instagram @kcuftheband. Their electrifying live shows promise an unforgettable experience, filled with the raw energy that has become their hallmark.

Album Release Celebration:

To celebrate the launch of "100 Poses," K.C.U.F. hosted a nearly sold-out show at Faces Brewing in Malden, MA. This event not only showcased their new material but also highlighted the band's enduring connection with their fans.

Final Thoughts:

With their third album, "100 Poses," K.C.U.F. continues to evolve their musical journey, captivating listeners with a unique blend of punk, emo, and alternative influences. As they break free from convention and encourage listeners to embrace their individuality, K.C.U.F. solidifies their place as an integral part of Massachusetts' rich music history.

K.C.U.F. is:

- Ken Bousquet: Drums and Vocals

- Chris Jackson: Guitars and Vocals

- Mike Barone: Guitar and Backing Vocals

- Aria Rad: Bass and Backing Vocals

- Jameson Savage: Occasional Keys and Acoustic Guitar

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