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Midweek Music Spotlight: The Disappeared

When it comes to punk music that hits hard, The Disappeared stands out as a name that resonates with St. Louis scene veterans. Formed in 2006, this foursome has been crafting a distinctive blend of captivating melodies, unbridled intensity, passionate emotion, and a dash of political conviction. Their music defies easy classification, but if you had to pin it down, they'd call it "small room /heavy music" – a unique sound that sets them apart in the punk landscape.

Their journey began in 2006 with members Brad Jokerst, Dan Johannig, Thad Martin, and John Stefanski. Their debut EP, "A Realization of Hope," dropped in 2007, immediately capturing the attention of Midwest listeners. Over the years, as lineup changes came and went, the core remained solid with the addition of Justin Haltmar on bass and Gabe Usery on drums.

The Disappeared's dedication to their craft paid off with recognition and success. Notable EPs like "The Radical Miracle" and "Nothing.Someone.Something" propelled them into the limelight. Their spot on Alternative Press' "100 Bands to Know" list in 2009 was a testament to their impact. They rocked stages at well-known events like Warped Tour and The Fest, giving audiences a taste of their explosive live energy.

After a little hiatus, The Disappeared made a triumphant return in 2018, reigniting their musical flame. Their EP "Science & Reason" in 2020 solidified their comeback, showing that their punk spirit was as strong as ever. Now, with new music in the pipeline, they're gearing up for the release of a split EP with Breakmouth Annie on August 18th, 2023.

The Disappeared's music encapsulates the heart of melodic hardcore, serving up a sensory assault of impassioned vocals, galloping riffs, and a rhythm section that drives the energy home. Brad Jokerst's emotional vocals add authenticity, while the rhythm section provides a robust foundation. Drawing influence from punk's earlier days, they take cues from bands like Boy Sets Fire and the punk wave of the early 2000s.

With their upcoming split EP alongside Breakmouth Annie, excitement is building. This limited cassette release will feature two explosive punk tracks from each band. Adding to the experience, the EP showcases original photography by Brad Jokerst, offering a visual companion to their sonic journey.

The Split EP is being released by The Record Label (@therecordlabelstl) and will be available for purchase August 18th at

With August 18th just around the corner, fans and newcomers alike can get ready to experience much anticipated EP. And the best part? You don't have to wait. You can already listen to tracks such as "Hydrophobia" and "N.V.O. (Non-violent Offender)" on Spotify or watch the videos on YouTube. These tracks offer a sneak peek of the vibrant energy that's set to burst forth when the EP officially arrives. With new music and live performances on the horizon, The Disappeared is poised to continue leading the way in in the St. Louis scene's unyielding ethos. Get ready to be captivated by the fusion of intensity and power that defines The Disappeared's vibrant realm of punk brilliance.

*The EP will be available on limited edition cassette and can be purchased on The Disappeared's Bandcamp page on August 18th, as well as at The Record Space (@therecordspace). All tracks are available to stream right now in all your favorite streaming places.


The Disappeared 

1. Hydrophobia 

2. N.V.O. (Non-violent Offender) 

Breakmouth Annie

1. Rat’s End

2. Kill or Pills


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