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Midweek Music Spotlight: Worthington’s Law

In the heart of North Carolina's vibrant music scene, Worthington's Law stands tall as a unique and captivating punk band, fusing the creativity of an experienced improv comedian with the raw energy of a seasoned punk musician. Their journey has been a fusion of diverse perspectives and shared musical interests.

Worthington's Law is the creative partnership of a longtime improv comedian and lyricist, Nick Faber, and the seasoned musician, Scotty Sandwich, known for his work with bands Almost People and wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves. Meeting in their 40s, the two musicians instantly connected over their shared musical interests and life experiences. Their synergistic backgrounds played a pivotal role in shaping the band's unique style.

At the core of Worthington's Law lies their distinctive process that sets them apart from other bands. Nick begins the creative journey by making demos on his iPad using MIDI instruments. Once Nick lays down the vocal tracks, Scotty, with his musical expertise, strips down the demos and crafts new instrumental tracks, often performing most of the instruments himself. Occasionally, Nick contributes with keyboard parts, and they may have guest musicians join in on certain occasions. However, the essence of Worthington's Law remains in the dynamic duo, with Nick and Scotty pouring their creativity into the music to craft a sound that is truly their own. It's this seamless collaboration and their unique approach that truly defines Worthington's Law as a one-of-a-kind punk band.

When playing live, Worthington's Law is backed up by the members of the popular North Carolina band, Orphan Riot, adding an exciting dimension to their live show. This collaboration with Orphan Riot breathes added life into their performances, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for their fans.

Worthington's Law has already left their mark on the punk music scene. Their upcoming album, "Mr. Wild," will be released with Boared to Death Records digitally on August 18th. They also have a limited number of exclusive cassette tapes that will be available at their album release show on August 4th, and online at

Self-describing their music as “supposedly funny punk”, Worthington’s Law appeals to fans of bands like The Vandals and similar acts. At times, they also delve into more serious themes, embracing the complexities of life and creating a captivating contrast. Drawing inspiration from bands like Descendents and ALL, Worthington's Law navigates through these "serious" themes with a touch of their unique humor and angsty charm.

As they continue to captivate audiences with their perfectly blended fusion of comedy and punk, Worthington's Law shines as a testament to the power of creative partnerships, and fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming ventures as they leave a lasting mark in the punk landscape.


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